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We are determined to support people who dare to dream big by providing them financial assistance of Instant Personal Loans. We compete with traditional methods in the delivery of financial aid and provide immediate personal loan to our loan applicants via Credicxo Application so that in times of urgency, aid should be available instantly.

Young professionals in India have new and innovative ideas and we at Credicxo encourage them to move ahead by providing our assistance of personal loan whenever tough phase strikes in their journey towards fulfilling their dream. Credicxo provides financial support to ambitious entrepreneurs, students and salaried individuals. Since we understand that money serves as oxygen in tough times, therefore we provide our service 24x7 with instant approval and quick disbursal within 15 minutes.

So, take the FREE HIT and register yourself for free on our application to know customized offers which might prove useful for you in future. Since encouraging young minds and customer satisfaction are our priorities, therefore, we also assist in providing personal loan to individuals with reduced CREDIT SCORE, however, approval is dependent on software that uses alternate data analysis to analyse the credibility of the applicant, so there is always a chance available for you.


Our sincere effort is to cater to the financial requirements of, salaried employees, ambitious students and hardworking entrepreneurs. We aim to provide accessible, instant and reliable personal loan service to the masses in just 10-15 minutes.

We firmly believe that ideas are bulletproof and to provide the required boost to your venture, even if you have a low credit score, we at CREDICXO strive to provide you with our service 24x7. With our flexible service, customized offers and collateral-free terms you can avail the user-friendly loan service without moving an inch from your home.

Unlike traditional system for delivery of finance, we want to acknowledge each of our users with standard regulations and instant disbursal thus setting our precedent of customer satisfaction on point, we at CREDICXO aim to bring life to the dreams of our users.




Our vision is to provide wings to such individuals with ideas, those could not see the heights due to lack of collaterals and low credit scores.

We at CREDICXO provide accessible and reliable loan service so that people deprived of bank loan services could avail the benefits using CREDICXO Application and ambitions shall live longer.

To meet the challenge, we provide availability of our service using digital platforms over mobile phones, thereby assuring users of 2 tier cities, small towns and villages to go through our purpose of service and their benefits with a swift touch over their screen and excluding the compulsory requirement of huge collaterals and credit scores by banks.

Advantages Of Availing Personal Loan from Credicxo.

    We at Credicxo work with the determined motive of extending our significant financial support to our users in the following ways:


  • Absolute zero registration fee exposes the user to our customized offers which can be further used in cases of urgency.


  • Time is money and money is important, therefore students, employed individuals, and even self-employed Indians can plan at home and get loan approval with a swift touch on their phone rather than wasting their time with representatives.


  • Our ongoing effort is to extend financial support to a significant number of ambitious and needful individuals. Therefore, we have bifurcated our loan policies for salaried employees, students and self-employed individuals differently so that credit aid can reach them on time.


  • In our significant effort to extend loan service, we have involved disbursement, even with a reduced credit score. Yes, approval of the loan is possible with a necessary examination of required documents with alternative data analysis of our system. Applicants can also contact support to get aware of any offers that such applicants can avail.


  • Our loan approval system does not involve any human intervention. Scrutiny of user documents and approval of the loan is completely managed by the software. The team can always assist users regarding any technical glitch or any other queries regarding the approval and disbursement of loans.

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